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I'm Not Arrogant...

I'm Just That Good

James Potter
22 December
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Um, right. I'm James. And you're reading my scroll, are you? I don't suppose I know you, do I? Or perhaps I do, because why the bloodyhell else would you be reading my scroll? Crazy little voyeur like Fletch? Possible. Possible.

Or perhaps you've learnt of me through my quidditch acclaim - presently undefeated Gryffindor Team Captain and chaser? How do I do it? I suppose you'll have to figure that out for yourself. I mean, I can't give you all the answers. That would be like.... cheating at life, and Marauders don't cheat. Unless we know for certain that the other team is cheating, too. Which results in a large number of moral victories, mind you. Winners every time.

Or else through my sensational achievements in other areas, as there are many achievements, each more sensational than the next. That, after all, is the marauder way. We're all about sensationalism. If you're Evans, I was just kidding. Or you know of me because, at present, I am Lily Evans' boyfriend. Yes, her boyfriend. BOYFRIEND.

Current Quidditch Record 1976-77

Ravenclaw x Gryffindor
Slytherin x Gryffindor


[james + lily]

To everyone who didn't believe it would happen... HAHA!
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